Friday, January 09, 2015

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[This post was originally part of this one, but I felt uncomfortable leaving the paragraphs below at the top of my screen.]

A quieter neighborhood isn't the only thing we left behind.  Since our organization was unable to rent enough floors to accommodate the entire staff, some of our crew will remain on the old homestead for another year or two.  Unfortunately, among those not yet moved to our new location is the IT training staff.  There was a time when all my boss had to do was call, and one of the trainers would magically appear to assist him or whomever in our office needed assistance.  I've been a beneficiary of the IT training staff's help, myself--about two years ago, I was re-trained in the art of creating PowerPoint presentations, something that I hadn't done in roughly a decade.  But now, with us in one location and them in another, it's DIY* time.  :(

A few weeks ago, I was asked to create an organization chart, yet another thing that I hadn't done in about a decade.  My boss had taken a crack at it, and had produced a usable, but not particularly professional-looking, chart.  So IT came and installed Visio on both of our computers--but the IT person left without giving either of us so much as a "click here" introduction.  Yes, you can teach this old dog new tricks, but you have to teach her--I'm not one of those fortunate souls who can click here and press keys there and have the whole app/device/whatever figured out in half an hour.  So I tried, and failed, to create an org chart in Word using Insert, SmartArt, and finally ending up doing it the hard way, using Insert, Shapes.  I've since created an org chart with SmartArt, but find that SmartArt doesn't like certain things--I haven't had any luck changing my mind and trying to add a new "box" at the very top of the chart.

Two pieces of advice for those using Shapes to create an org chart:
(a) the boxes can be copied (and the text inside changed afterward), but moving copied lines is more trouble than it's worth;
(b) be sure to click on View, Gridlines to help you line up the boxes properly, but be equally sure to turn off Gridlines afterward, or they'll appear on every single Word file!


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